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Thank you for reading about this holistic approach to treating Parkinson’s Disease. I have created the Parkinson’s Plan as an integrative approach that combines the best of both conventional and natural medicine. We are not a replacement for your conventional care but work in tandem to improve survival and quality of life for those affected by Parkinson’s Disease.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Dr. Darlyn S. Dragg. I received my undergraduate degree from Chapman University. Immediately upon graduation, Chapman University hired me as their youngest adjunct professor to teach in the biology department.

I, then, completed a 4-year doctorate degree in Naturopathic Medicine at Southwest College in Tempe, AZ. During medical school, I performed research studies with the head of the research department as well as privately tutored anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry. I have had a love and passion for medicine since I can remember. With a family background in both Eastern and Western Medicine, and an education in both fields, I believe the best patient treatment to be a combination of both.

The Parkinson’s Plan began in several years ago when Parkinson’s Disease became personal to me. When a close friend came to me after the diagnosis of Parkinson’s and asked me for help, I told him that I would search to find a specialist for him. He was specific in that he wanted to try to improve his condition as naturally as possible. After searching, I was able to find one Naturopathic Parkinson’s Specialist in Seattle, WA who only saw patients one day a week. Seattle was too far and it was too difficult to make an appointment with her. After a continuous search, and coming up empty-handed, I realized I couldn’t find anyone for help. So I took on the needed challenge to become the expert and create an effective plan myself.

I, then dedicated my efforts to research all possible solutions specific to Parkinson’s Disease so that I could have some answers. What is available? What makes some stories a success and others not? This is what I’ve found to be true. There is NOT a one size fits all in treatment! This is the reason it is so important to have a team dedicated to your success.

In my years of discovering and focusing on Parkinson’s Disease treatment, I have discovered two different models that are effective in treating the symptoms of Parkinson’s. To learn more about these plans, please read the Parkinson’s Holistic Program and the Hinz Protocol.

Although both the Holistic Program and the HINZ protocol are all naturally based, both programs require Dr. supervision to ensure safety and efficacy for all patients. My biggest goal and my biggest passion is to see you healthier, happier, and back to yourself again! Please give us a call to schedule a consultation so that we can better answer any of your questions. 603-610-7778.


Your Team at The Parkinson’s Plan